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GPI老虎机全亚洲hey, I know that your FAQ says to link to the original poem in any creations we make with your work, and I've done that in the past with an edit I made, but I have a question about that now: recently, it seems like whenever I put a link in a post, it fails to show up in any Tumblr tags, which is obviously frustrating and annoying, but how would you feel about tagging you instead of linking the exact poem and then either reblogging with the link to the poem or putting the link in the tags?


first off, I’m super happy and flattered you decided to make an edit with my work! (and, more importantly, read my FAQ and adhere to my rules; it’s honestly sad how many people don’t bother to do that and think if something is online, they can do whatever they want with it, so I appreciate it. <3)

that’s odd though. I know dumblr likes to hide posts that have off-site links in them, but I’ve never heard of it refusing to show posts that have links to their own site… that’s really strange. I hope it’s a bug and not an intended feature.

putting the link in the tags wouldn’t work I don’t think, mostly because a lot of people don’t bother to read tags, and even less would go through the trouble of copypasting said link from the tag to find the source (especially if they’re on mobile).

but the reblogging + adding a link to that reblog would be an acceptable workaround – although I would ask to be @’d in the original if you choose to do this, so if someone does reblog the post that doesn’t have the link, there’s at least still credit as to who made it.


your writing often inspired my own, thank you for getting me back into it


!! you’re very welcome! i’m so flattered and happy to hear that.

if you ever feel that sharing what you’ve written with me, please doGPI老虎机全亚洲. i’d love to see it. <3 


On God, I have never hit follow on a blog faster in my life


we got another one bois


GPI老虎机全亚洲I was looking back through my likes from 4+ years ago, whereupon I stumbled across some of your old poetry posts... that was a very difficult time for me and your words comforted me more than you could probably ever imagine. I still recognize the same skeletal icon you’ve always had and the “devoid” play-on-words username. Thank you for sharing your art. Thank you for the tears I was no longer ashamed to shed. Thank you for helping me realize I wasn’t as alone as I thought. Just.. thank you.


GPI老虎机全亚洲god this is so sweet. normally I just meme my way through compliments because I have a hard time accepting them, but I really feel that this deserves a serious and grounded response.

I apologize for the delay on responding. reading this when I first received it made me… incredibly emotional and reflective and I held onto that feeling for some time after.

GPI老虎机全亚洲when I started this blog just to have somewhere to share the things I’d been writing for many years before its creation, I didn’t expect it to go anywhere or get anyone’s attention. that wasn’t really the point either; I just needed somewhere to express myself and share my work, even if only a small handful of people actually noticed or liked it. the support I’ve received over the years, even if it has dwindled a lot in recent time, means so much to me and has inspired me in ways I could never imagine.

I’m truly thankful for everyone who so much as read a word of my work, and all the more so for those who liked and reblogged the posts. but my greatest appreciation naturally goes out to the rare gems of you who take the time and thought to send me lovely messages like this. in the same way you describe, people like you also made me feel not so alone. even if the feeling didn’t always last, when it did happen, I felt more appreciated and seen than I have in most of my life.

so thank you as well. thank you for helping my poetry, and in turn myself, grow from your support. thank you for making me feel seen and acknowledged. and thank you for sticking around for 4+ years. it means the absolute world to me.

GPI老虎机全亚洲from the bottom of my heart, thank you (and you’re welcome!).


I cant get past the medical facility in Alien Isolation and I've been trying g for a year but every time I get there I'm too frozen in fear to move


yeah i was in a similar position on my first playthrough myself in that section LOL it doesn’t help that it’s such a long section (like technically 2-3 parts) and it can really get under your skin and make you freeze up or panic.

I’m actually at that part again cuz I loved the game so much I’m doing a second playthrough on Hard again to try and see if I can do better and apply what I learned under the same conditions (also get some missed achievements and collectibles although I know I won’t be able to 100% the game bc there’s no way I’d have the patience to get One Shot, even on Novice)

but I gradually learned during my first playthrough that you have to keep moving. because the longer you stay in one area the more certain the alien becomes that you are where you are and will look more thoroughly each time he pops down for a peek. also learned that while the Alien isn’t close (like .60+ distance away on the motion tracker) or in the vents, he doesn’t make a distinction between whether you’re walking or crouching so its better to walk at some points to increase distance between you two and get to your objective faster.

I was just so in love with the game that after I finished it I was craving more Alien content, so I got Aliens vs Predator on Steam as well at a v nice discount. while multiplayer on it is absolutely dead I got it for the 3 single player campaigns that let you play as Alien, Predator and Marine and the Alien’s is so much fun that I played thru it twice, first on normal then on hard. will probably go for Nightmare next in a bit.

but yeah I highly suggest you pick Alien Isolation up again and finish it because it’s so good despite how shit-in-your-pants inducing it is lol. I’m more than willing to give you a bunch of tips and tricks I learned over my playthroughs if it would help! I can’t lie to you about your chances, but you have my sympathies.

Are you not writing poetry anymore? It was so good :(


GPI老虎机全亚洲I don’t think I could ever fully stop writing poetry if I wanted to tbh, otherwise I’d go insane with all the words in my head.

but yes I am still writing it, I just shove it into my drafts and let em pile up. my reasons are complicated and kinda hard even for me to understand sometimes, let alone explain.

GPI老虎机全亚洲for the last couple of years I’ve had conflicting feelings about my work. I’ve kinda given up on it taking me anywhere (not that I don’t want it to, I’m just… too scared it won’t, honestly).

also I’ve been grappling with this gradual awareness that I’ve been writing more for attention than just the love of writing poetry these last couple years. I feel like my “glory days” have come and gone, I’m an afterthought at most, with said afterthoughts usually involving the poems that have gained significant traction.

that’s a very watered down, vague explanation of how I’ve been feeling.

GPI老虎机全亚洲honestly though I didn’t even think anyone would notice if I stopped posting my poetry, so thank you <3


GPI老虎机全亚洲You have bpd? Cuz I have bpd and it's so lame I'm just excited to not be in this alone, even tho I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Hang in there


GPI老虎机全亚洲among other things, yes. it’s a big pain in the ass. but I do feel you that it’s nice to not be alone; it’s not super common but I have seen a handful of people in my time on tumblr who disclose themselves having it.

thank you anon <3 you hang in there too. if you need to vent or talk to someone don’t be afraid to jump in my inbox again.

GPI老虎机全亚洲this little bear is here to remind you that you’re fantastic! in lieu of a two thumbs up from a little bear with no opposable thumbs but only paws, please accept a snowball.


this is so fucking cute??? snowball gladly accepted

in trade i give u two thumbs up and a smooch on the forehead as thank you

“We’re all killers. We’ve all killed parts of ourselves to survive. We’ve all got blood on our hands. Something somewhere had to do die, so we could stay alive.” - what is this from it’s killing me literally

it’s from me.

May ask please what m.a.w. means?

“m.a.w” are my initials… though the M is my deadname, but since I haven’t yet gotten my name legally changed and it would be a hassle to change my ‘signature’ on my poems halfway after getting them out there… I’ve just decided to keep signing it that way.

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a writer, poet, roleplayer, gamer, graphic editor, casual artist, mental health disaster, supreme edgelord, human trash fire, and professional pain in the ass.

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GPI老虎机全亚洲 racists, sexists, transphobes, terfs, homophobes, pedophiles / MAPS, trump supporters, nazi apologists and all other forms of human sewage. y'all can choke.

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Q: Can I drop in your inbox just to talk to you?

HELL YEAH!! Whether you need to vent, have some questions for me or are just bored and wanna chit chat, I'm up for whatever. Note that I may not always answer your asks immediately after you send them, but 98% of the time I definitely answer them... eventually.

Q: Can I use your work in my creations?

Yes — as long as you credit me & link the poem in the post, whether it's on Tumblr or not. I would also greatly appreciate it if you tagged or mentioned me in the post, so I can see what you make!

Q: Do you take requests? / I want you to write something for me!

Not specifically or on an individual basis, unless I post saying I'm seeking requests. I am however always open to prompts or ideas for topics or scenarios that people would like me to write about.

Commissions I am definitely open to, though I have yet to have a formal set up or procedure for them. Feel free to message me if you're interested though!

Q: Can I tag / mention you in an edit / my writing, tag games, etc?

YES. I love being tagged & mentioned in stuff. I don't care what it is or who its from; we don't have to talk or be mutuals for you to show me things! I track my url & check it regularly; just make sure that it is one of the first 5 tags on the post, otherwise it won't show up in my tag.

Q: Do you have any tips for writing?

See this post.
If you have any specific writing related questions, feel free to send me an ask. I'm more than happy to help!

Q: Am I allowed to ___?


Anything with an asterisk (*) requires my permission before doing so.
  • Change pronouns or gendered words (he/him, she/her, they/them/their, etc).
  • Mention / link inspiration(s) in the caption, along with credit to me.
  • Use my work in your own non-commercial creations, & you credit me in the post with a link back to the poem.
  • *Post creations utilizing my work offsite (on another medium / site besides Tumblr), with proper credit & linking back to the poem. (This applies only to creations made with the poem, not the poem itself.)
  • Use portions of a particular poem but not the whole piece. (Also applies to shortening a poem by removing repeated phrases in it.)
  • Getting tattoos of my poetry, so long as the author's (my) name is on it as well (usually my initials, 'M.A.W').


  • Change the format or structure of the poem, such as by rearranging the lines, stanzas and/or words, altering line breaks / paragraphs, capitalization, etc. The structure & format of a poem is a reflection of my style & to change that would inevitably change the work as a whole.
  • Mention or link only the inspiration (or 'insp') in the captions (typically an edit done by another blog using the same material & they've 'inspired' you to do the same.) This is not the same as credit & is a violation of my terms.
  • Editing the original quote post when you reblog it. THIS INCLUDES PRONOUNS, FORMATTING AND CAPITALIZATION.
  • Repost my writing anywhere without my consent.
  • Claim it as your own or fail to give credit.
  • Use my work for commercial purposes (to make profit) or in anything you make profit from (i.e. anything commissioned from you for money, whether real or game currency, such as theme commissions, artwork, fanfiction, etc.)
  • Edit the wording without permission, aside from pronouns / gendered words.
  • Any other form of theft or unlawful usage.

    And that's the most important stuff. Any questions, you know what to do.

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