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GPI老虎机全亚洲I know this is supposed to be a man and a woman looking at each other but all I saw was a transgendered man dreaming of being a Knight.

Are. Are you sure that’s not what it is? Because. That is absolutely how I saw it and I literally cannot see it any other way.

Yeah, nope that is the first thing I thought of too. He wants to be the knight in shining armor. or even Genderfluid bae as their own princess and knight

Same hair color, same eyes, same deep crimson color on the clothing, even the same flaring of the cuffs on the sleeves

I can’t tell if it’s water or crystal, but both are given the mystical properties of (self-)reflection and revealing the truth

GPI老虎机全亚洲If it was meant to be romantic between a guy and gal, their hands wouldn’t be touching at the fingertips like that. There’d be a fuller contact (i.e. palm to palm), or they’d be reaching out to each other but not quite making contact (to symbolize the divide that still separated them)

Definitely GPI老虎机全亚洲a trans knight

GPI老虎机全亚洲Okay but like, literally that’s what it is






While the picture definitely implies it (that’s what I first saw as well and was very happy about), the link in this thread does not support that theory, contrary to what shawnsskitz said. It’s basically a Mulan story: a woman wanting to join her family in battle but the knights don’t accept women – so she went to a mystical fall that would basically grant her a male identical twin. (For further proof of this, read the lore of what the card ‘evolves’ into: )

GPI老虎机全亚洲I would’ve loved it if this was intended to portray a medieval transgender man, but sadly that’s not the case (or at least when you take into account the story behind it and not just the art itself).

made a companion piece to

I also got a new print gallery!

Barry Moser
Eve and Lucifer

Chinese emperor Ai of Han, fell in love with a minor official, a man named Dong Xian, and bestowed upon him great political power and a magnificent palace. Legend has it that one day while the two men were sleeping in the same bed, the emperor was roused from his sleep by pressing business. Dong Xian had fallen asleep across the emperor’s robe, but rather than awaken his peaceful lover, the Emperor cut his robe free at the sleeve. Thus “the passion of the cut sleeve” became a euphemism for same-sex love in China. — R.G.L.

GPI老虎机全亚洲get you a dude who will fuck up his own clothing for you

NO OKAY THIS IS REALLY COOL SO SHUT UP AND LISTEN KIDS. Ancient China was super chill about homosexuality okay. Like we have gay emperors and feudal lords, lesbian princesses who were girlfriends with their serving maids, gay ass poets who wrote lots of poems about that one courtesan who played the guzheng so well.

In fact homosexuality was so okay that in Shiji, which is basically the Bible of Ancient Chinese history, there is an entire section dedicated to the gay lovers of emperors. What’s the best part? All the laws and criticism about homosexuality in Ancient China were all about shit like prostitution and rape. These laws were  outlawing homosexual stuff were all very specific.

For example, there were laws banning male prostitution, but no laws against homosexuality. These laws were passed to stop the spread of prostitution and laws targeting prostitution in general were pretty common in Chinese history. There were also really strict laws about male rape. Rape was punishable by death, regardless of the gender of the victim. Rape a girl, you die. Rape a guy, you die. Have sex with a minor, you die regardless of whether it was consensual. The lightest sentence you could get was slavery where you were bound to the army.

Also scholars wrote essays criticising the boyfriends of emperors, saying that they distracted the emperor from work blah blah blah but THEY ALSO DID THE SAME FOR THE CONCUBINES. That’s right - the issue wasn’t homosexuality but rather the hormones of the emperor. They didn’t care about the gender of the emperor’s favourite lover but rather the fact that the emperor was too horny to get shit done.

“But WAIT, Modern China is a hardass about homosexuality!!!! How do you explain that!”

Yes. That. That’s because of the late Qing years where Western influences entered the country and brought their gross ass homophobic attitudes with them. And the Qing government was so anxious to seem modern and be seen as equals to their Western counterparts. So they adopted Western ways and discarded their previous attitudes about homosexuality. Hence you have Modern China.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that being LGBT is wrong because it goes against traditional Chinese values, tell them to go fuck themselves with 3000 years of Chinese queerness. 

This is one of the best things I have ever read.

The first pride was a riot, more specifically a riot against police violence. Trans women like Miss Major and other people of colour paved the way for the celebration of pride today. You cannot celebrate your pride this month, or any month if you aren’t also supporting Black Lives Matter and the riots going on against police violence right now. Us white LGBTQ+ need to stand up for our black siblings and their rights, their struggles. We need to amplify their voices and show any support we can. (Edited to add links and make the image clearer)

Extensive BLM Google doc including places to donate to, education resources, etc

List of 75 things white people can do right now

apology cakes

Me: *Removes my cat from my lap to do something else.*

My cat:GPI老虎机全亚洲 Father is...evil? Father is unyielding? Father is incapable of love? I am running away. I am packing my little rucksack and going out to explore the world as a lone vagabond. I can no longer thrive in this household.

The spiritual successor to Miette


GPI老虎机全亚洲Might I also add


May i add the piece from artist Verbal Vomit


Glad to see we’re all in agreement that cats talk like disparaged victorian children

And darker. :D The trick about making one thing shine? Make everything else darker! 

Because i had a really bad week and need to vent on it a bit. People keep asking me for a new expression meme sheet and here you go after all those years. You can use it or not use it as you like QwQ just pls credit me. Thanks :3

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