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how to engage with poetry on tumblr 101

buckle up & let’s go pals


  1. ask for permission. ask for permission. ask the poet for permission. send them a message asking if you can use a quote for an edit and wait for them to respond. if they say no: don’t make the edit. if they say yes: excellent. cool beans. neato. go forth and open photoshop.
  2. source that shit. source. that. shit. leave a credit link in the caption. the credit link needs to lead to the poet’s blog. don’t leave a link leading back to another edit w/ the poem. link back to the poet. 
  3. that’s it, really. not that hard.


  1. again, it’s nice to ask for permission first.
  2. but you at least need to leave credit. leave a little [xx] at the end with a link, let the quote itself be a link, write “source” somewhere and link. just credit poets, please. 


  1. recognise that poets are real people. bear this in mind when talking in your tags.
  2. for example, why would you leave brutal criticism and talk for ages about all the things you dislike/hate about a poem? nobody’s forcing you to reblog it if you don’t like it. creators on here aren’t getting $$$ out of it like…just leave it be if you don’t like it. 
  3. maybe refrain from adding tags like “this would be so much better with he/him pronouns instead” about a poem specifically about two girls in love. just a thought, however. 
  4. be wary with adding ship & character tags. again, poets are real people (i know it’s shocking) and a lot of the work on here is thus very personal and about lived experiences. in ’s words it can be upsetting to see your experiences as/with [ xyz ] reduced to nothing but a fictional character. 


  1. don’t remove the caption or otherwise alter works.
  2. be nice. thanks. 

</rant over>

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DVOYD; noun.

a writer, poet, roleplayer, gamer, graphic editor, casual artist, mental health disaster, supreme edgelord, human trash fire, and professional pain in the ass.

tracking #dvoyd; feel free to tag me in anything! ♡

racists, sexists, transphobes, terfs, homophobes, pedophiles / MAPS, trump supporters, nazi apologists and all other forms of human sewage. y'all can choke.

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  • NAME:Skyler
  • AGE:28
  • GENDER:Nonbinary Transmasc
  • LOCATION:USA (help)
  • FANDOMS:MCU, GOT, Tolkien, HP, Disney, Pokemon, Persona

See the FAQ tag for any additional info. This post is also helpful for interacting with writers on here.

Q: Can I drop in your inbox just to talk to you?

HELL YEAH!! Whether you need to vent, have some questions for me or are just bored and wanna chit chat, I'm up for whatever. Note that I may not always answer your asks immediately after you send them, but 98% of the time I definitely answer them... eventually.

Q: Can I use your work in my creations?

Yes — as long as you credit me & link the poem in the post, whether it's on Tumblr or not. I would also greatly appreciate it if you tagged or mentioned me in the post, so I can see what you make!

Q: Do you take requests? / I want you to write something for me!

Not specifically or on an individual basis, unless I post saying I'm seeking requests. I am however always open to prompts or ideas for topics or scenarios that people would like me to write about.

Commissions I am definitely open to, though I have yet to have a formal set up or procedure for them. Feel free to message me if you're interested though!

Q: Can I tag / mention you in an edit / my writing, tag games, etc?

YES. I love being tagged & mentioned in stuff. I don't care what it is or who its from; we don't have to talk or be mutuals for you to show me things! I track my url & check it regularly; just make sure that it is one of the first 5 tags on the post, otherwise it won't show up in my tag.

Q: Do you have any tips for writing?

See this post.
If you have any specific writing related questions, feel free to send me an ask. I'm more than happy to help!

Q: Am I allowed to ___?


Anything with an asterisk (*) requires my permission before doing so.
  • Change pronouns or gendered words (he/him, she/her, they/them/their, etc).
  • Mention / link inspiration(s) in the caption, along with credit to me.
  • Use my work in your own non-commercial creations, & you credit me in the post with a link back to the poem.
  • *Post creations utilizing my work offsite (on another medium / site besides Tumblr), with proper credit & linking back to the poem. (This applies only to creations made with the poem, not the poem itself.)
  • Use portions of a particular poem but not the whole piece. (Also applies to shortening a poem by removing repeated phrases in it.)
  • Getting tattoos of my poetry, so long as the author's (my) name is on it as well (usually my initials, 'M.A.W').


  • Change the format or structure of the poem, such as by rearranging the lines, stanzas and/or words, altering line breaks / paragraphs, capitalization, etc. The structure & format of a poem is a reflection of my style & to change that would inevitably change the work as a whole.
  • Mention or link only the inspiration (or 'insp') in the captions (typically an edit done by another blog using the same material & they've 'inspired' you to do the same.) This is not the same as credit & is a violation of my terms.
  • Editing the original quote post when you reblog it. THIS INCLUDES PRONOUNS, FORMATTING AND CAPITALIZATION.
  • Repost my writing anywhere without my consent.
  • Claim it as your own or fail to give credit.
  • Use my work for commercial purposes (to make profit) or in anything you make profit from (i.e. anything commissioned from you for money, whether real or game currency, such as theme commissions, artwork, fanfiction, etc.)
  • Edit the wording without permission, aside from pronouns / gendered words.
  • Any other form of theft or unlawful usage.

    And that's the most important stuff. Any questions, you know what to do.

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